This page lists OpenStreetMap objects that have wikipedia / wikidata tags with some problems.

For example, it allows to detect cases where an incorrect object was linked, a link leads to a deleted page or there is some other issue.

This tool is an unexpected result of creating a detector of interesting places based on OSM Data and Wikipedia. It turned out to require a filter to avoid invalid links. As detected links can be often fixed and it is better to remove invalid rather than keep them, I am sharing this tool.

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Deutschland (found 14 problems)
Polska (found 455 problems)
Switzerland (merged) (found 55 problems)
UK (found 10 problems)
USA (found 488 problems)
Ukraine (found 116 problems)
Valais or Wallis (in Swizerland) (found 18 problems)
Bern (Brno) (found 19 problems)
Vaud (in Swizerland) (found 18 problems)
Schweiz - Suisse - Svizzera - Svizra (Szwajcaria) (found 379 problems)
Київ (Kiev, Kijów) (found 116 problems)
Nederland (Holandia) (found 345 problems)
Civitas Vaticana (Vatican, Watykan) (found 1 problem)
ایران (Iran) (found 81 problems)
Nederland (Holandia) (found 345 problems)
Crna Gora - Црна Гора (Montenegro, Czarnogóra) (found 12 problems)
Србија (Serbia) (found 48 problems)
Бългaрия (Bulgaria, Bułgaria) (found 24 problems)
Türkiye (Turkey, Turcja) (found 201 problems)
województwo małopolskie, Polska (found 29 problems)
województwo podkarpackie, Polska (found 27 problems)
województwo lubelskie, Polska (found 1 problem)
województwo mazowieckie, Polska (found 72 problems)
województwo podlaskie, Polska (found 35 problems)
województwo świętokrzyskie, Polska (found 3 problems)
województwo warmińsko-mazurskie, Polska (found 14 problems)
województwo pomorskie, Polska (found 4 problems)
województwo kujawsko-pomorskie, Polska (found 3 problems)
województwo zachodniopomorskie, Polska (found 16 problems)
województwo lubuskie, Polska (found 49 problems)
województwo wielkopolskie, Polska (found 84 problems)
województwo dolnośląskie, Polska (found 9 problems)
województwo opolskie, Polska (found 50 problems)
województwo śląskie, Polska (found 30 problems)
województwo łódzkie, Polska (found 29 problems)
Hamburg, Deutschland (found 14 problems)
România (Romania, Rumunia) (found 213 problems)
Kent, UK (found 10 problems)
Alabama, USA (found 8 problems)
Alaska, USA (found 4 problems)
Arizona, USA (found 57 problems)
Arkansas, USA (found 11 problems)
California, USA (found 147 problems)
Colorado, USA (found 23 problems)
New York, USA (found 191 problems)
Rhode Island, USA (found 4 problems)
Texas, USA (found 29 problems)
Washington, USA (found 14 problems)

Finished, congratulations :)

Thanet, UK (found 0 problems)
Shropshire (ceremonial county), UK (found 0 problems)
Shropshire (county), UK (found 0 problems)
Brzezinka (found 0 problems)

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